Do you use QuickBooks ?
        ...need a Customization?

    QuickBooks is a great application. I have been using it to run my own business for over 15 years and I have learned that a great number of companies have very special needs that are not met in the vanilla version of QuickBooks.

We can analyze your needs and help you determine if you can extend your current accounting solution to cater to your specific needs. We will look at:

  1. Alternative ways of using QuickBooks
  2. Buying a complementary package that already exists for QuickBooks
  3. Defining and creating a custom QuickBooks software extensions

Because we have written both commercial software packages to integrate with QuickBooks as well as created unique extensions for a number of industries, we start each project with a core framework that allows us to develop solutions faster than a developer who has no experience with QuickBooks add-ons. 

Before you migrate to a new platform, engage us to see if adding a unique extension to QuickBooks software may be less expensive than migrating to an entirely new application and also better suit the needs of your specific type of business. 

Benefits of a Custom Solution

  1. You decide - No one else gets to decide how you should run your business. We take it for granted that you know best how to run your business. We will certainly point out the information consequences of your choices, but you decide.
  2. A standardized system cannot take into account the data you already have- It almost always builds its own data store. You probably already have a user, customer, product or competitor database in some kind of system today. A customized system can use the data you already have and make the most of it.
  3. The personal touch - When buying a customized system from BIG, you get our experience and personal commitment to solving your problem. When you buy a standardized system you are always just one in a bunch of other customers.
  4. It might just be cheaper-  When calculating the cost and worth of a software solution it is very important to take into account the alternative costs. What does it cost your organization that people act without the proper information, in the wrong way, rebuild the wheel etc? So even though the initial expense of building a customized solution is usually quite high it might very well be the most economical for your organization over time.

Benefits of choosing Better Idea Group

  1. Knowledge - As a firm whose has implemented numerous accounting systems,  we have built up a knowledge bank of information that will help your project be more successful. Our experience helps us guide you in building a solution that will help you run your business.

Support - After we finish your application we continue to be committed to you and offer ongoing support for your custom application. We occasionally get phone calls from users who have an orphaned application i.e. an application that no one else is available to support for some reason. We have the experience and knowledge to quickly take over the support of those applications.
Reputation - We have built our business around consistently helping customers who like our work so much that they want to have a long term relationship with us and we are grateful for that.  We'd like you to be able to count on us to help your business grow.

Is a custom application right for your business?

Software publishers write general purpose solutions that can fit a wide market. Business problems unique to a small industry or a individual company do not get the attention of publishers.  Sometimes a  unique implementation of a package solutions works, while sometimes a custom solution is the right answer.

We want to help you find the best choice for optimizing your business.