Company Profile

Better Idea Group was formed in 1998 in San Jose, California as a sole proprietorship and has been in continuous operation since then.  The founder, Ernest Cook  has a degree in accounting and over 30 years  using his accounting and software engineering  knowledge to provide the best business systems for clients.

Today, Better Idea Group is focused on helping customers that have chosen Intuit's QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting system.  We have found a great number of companies have very special needs that are not met in the vanilla version of QuickBooks and by working with them we can extend the current accounting solution to cater to specific needs of your industry.  

The solution might be a simple report that allows the owner to see information in a way Intuit engineers could not have imagined or it might be a adding a unique extension to QuickBooks software that will allow the company to stay in QuickBooks and  better suit the needs of your specific type of business and also be less expensive than migrating to an entirely new application. 

Sometimes a custom solution is the right answer and sometimes not. Our expertise is in helping customers find and implement the right solution to their system problems.  Click here to see some of the many benefits to creating a custom solution for your business.

​We empower QuickBooks users to have the information they need to effectively run their business by transforming QuickBooks data into actionable information that is always available, always current.

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