This was a challenging project since the operation has a much more diverse sales stream than most customers. The project involved building solutions for managing:

  • Inventory management (retail sales)
  • Non-inventory sales (ticket sales)
  • Restaurant operations (food services)
  • Internet sales
  • Group sales (event management)

During the review of their accounting requirements we saw limitations Counterpoint Point of Sale's interface to QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) so we built a custom interface using the QuickBooks SDK.  The results speak from themselves.

​In early 2014 Better Idea Group replaced nearly all of the business systems running Winchester Mystery House.  The base point of sale implemented was NCR's CounterPoint.  We also implemented QuickBooks enterprise. We were happy to receive the below recommendation shortly after the project wrapped up:

After considerable research and interviews we chose the Better Idea Group to manage the implementation of new Point of Sale, Ticketing (on site and on-line), Purchasing and Inventory Management software for the Winchester Mystery House.   Further, we required these systems integrate transactional detail into QuickBooks Enterprise for which there was not a standard interface.

Ernest Cook was our principal contact.  He and the Better Idea Group exceeded our expectations.  They evidenced exceptional technical, programming and accounting experience.  Their business process knowledge and experience also proved valuable.   

Our business operates 364 days per year.  It has 12 POS stations for ticketing, merchandise and food service.  Another 15 management computers are required for dispatch, operations, cash control, group sales, human resources, accounting and general management.

Ernest wrote an elegant QuickBooks transaction integration API, installed and configured the software on our computers, tested and trained staff.   With some careful planning to make an ambitious timeline.  We were able to go-live with no downtime.

I highly recommend the Better Idea Group and Ernest Cook for your business project.

General Manager
Winchester Mystery House
San Jose, California