Master Your Data with Power Query in Excel and Power BI: Leveraging Power Query to Get & Transform Your Task Flow
This is the latest update from Ken Puls  (author of M is for (Data) Monkey) to help you get behind the scenes of Power Query.

It is written well and  guides the user to an understanding of the M language, it's uses and power.

QuickBooks Desktop: Why Maintenance Tools Are Needed (

The number one underutilized tool in QuickBooks desktop in my opinion is the QuickBooks automated backup !  My goal in this article is to help you understand why maintenance tools are needed to make sure your QuickBooks database stays safe.

Abacus or AI - it's still accounting ( 

In this trip down memory lane I summarize things by saying that bank rules are artificial intelligence and learning to leverage them is every bit as much accounting as my early days of learning a paper tape machine.

Data Wrangling with Power Query 

This article for Transaction Pro is an entry level guide to how you can use the power in Power Query to prepare data before importing that data  with Transaction Pro importer

Custom Reports with the Transaction Pro Export tool

This fun little article shows how you can combine Power Query and transaction pro's export tool to build a commission report. While the Blog focuses on transaction pro as the source (it was a paid blog) a clever user can also adapt this same technique to any exported report.

Collect, Combine, and transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI

MsQuery was my goto tool for over a decade and has served me well but the time has come for this new generation tool to transform the way we get data. This book a MUST READ for anyone who is Data Wrangling today.

Learn to Write DAX

If you want to calculate formulas for use in PowerBI or PowerPivot, you will need to learn DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). This is a beginning book that will walk you thru the basic fomulas and syntax 

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