"Working with Ernest has been amazing.

I was fortunate to find him; a programmer who agreed to correct and improve the code of a prior programmer. The major difference in his business style vs. my prior experiences is the way he facilitates discussions and communication. We often meet online, and at times he has even shown me the code.
No programmer has ever done this with me. He understands that I want to understand the logic behind what he is doing. He freely suggests to me where I need to rethink my logic and ROI.

Ernest excels at developing programs and strategies that deliver. 
He initiates, shares and executes creative ideas, which has been a welcome change.
He has shown a sincere interest in me and my projects and has been a huge help in areas unrelated to programming. From assisting with my manual to troubleshooting my shopping cart.
He succeeds in wanting me to succeed."

Sara Laidlaw Woodruff
Owner at Accounting Services Bureau