Sample CSV Export 

QBFileID,CustomerId ,  ShiptoName , DefaultShipto , ShipAddr1 , ShipAddr2 , ShipAddr3 , ShipAddr4 , ShipAddr5 , ShipCity , ShipState , ShipPostalCode , ShipCountry , ShipNote , CustomerFullName 
"dc420dea-6b93-4b39-baba-6f8f6915f52d","800003E8-1606068693","Ship To 1","Y","!Test Customer","123 Main Street","","","","San Jose","CA","95126","","","!Test"
"dc420dea-6b93-4b39-baba-6f8f6915f52d","800003E8-1606068693","Ship To 2","N","1112 Easy Street","","","","","San Jose","CA","95111","","","!Test"

This simple and easy to use utility allows you to export ALL of the addresses from QuickBooks  with a one click.

We generate a simple Comma Separated Value (CSV) format with a unique identifier for each QuickBooks file you export from so it's easier to connect multiple export files when migrating to another application.

Latest update - we added the option to exclude inactive addresses

You can download now and try on a sample QB datafile. If you need help installing our Installation guide should help. Once you are ready to use on your file use the purchase now option above to get a license. You can always contact us tin you need help getting an activation code.

Export QuickBooks SHip-To addresses