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Sample CSV Export 

QBFileID,CustomerId ,  ShiptoName , DefaultShipto , ShipAddr1 , ShipAddr2 , ShipAddr3 , ShipAddr4 , ShipAddr5 , ShipCity , ShipState , ShipPostalCode , ShipCountry , ShipNote , CustomerFullName 
"dc420dea-6b93-4b39-baba-6f8f6915f52d","800003E8-1606068693","Ship To 1","Y","!Test Customer","123 Main Street","","","","San Jose","CA","95126","","","!Test"
"dc420dea-6b93-4b39-baba-6f8f6915f52d","800003E8-1606068693","Ship To 2","N","1112 Easy Street","","","","","San Jose","CA","95111","","","!Test"

Sample export from QuickBooks for importing into Fishbowl
(note the address type, also note we have an option for exporting all customers so you do not have to worry about matching to an existing customer during import)

"!Test","1-Ship To 1",,10,TRUE,"!Test Customer","San Jose","CA","95126",""
"!Test","2-Ship To 2",,10,FALSE,"1112 Easy Street","San Jose","CA","95111",""

This simple and easy to use utility allows you to export ALL of the addresses from QuickBooks  with a one click.

In addition to FishBowl import format, we also generate an CSV format with a unique identifier for each QuickBooks file you export from so it's easier to connect multiple export files when migrating to another application.

Install now and try on any sample datafile. Once you are ready to use on your file contact us to get an activation code.

Export QuickBooks SHip-To addresses