Exporting Invoices to Send to Customers

This customer had a need to upload invoices with well over 200 lines into a web based system mandated by his customer.  Our application pushes selected invoices into structured files meeting the customers requirements.

Desktop Toolkit Available modules

​Once we had a solid base, we decided to make available some of the custom solutions we made over the years for QuickBooks users. The result is we have a framework to build fast and share solutions. Below are some of them. We hope this gives you an idea of the depth of solutions we can provide. Click here to see some of the many benefits to creating a custom solution for your business.

Update Cloud Financials


Every Quickbooks add-on has a lot of the same code: get authorized by QuickBooks, make a connection, start a communication channel. All of that before we can write a single line of code to help customers so we thought, why reinvent the wheel over and over?  The result is The Desktop Toolkit, a simple application that uses the same core components everytime so we can focus on your needs and not the architecture.

Importing Purchase Order Information

A large distributor wanted to grow sales by making it easier for his customers to import their open sales order information into QuickBooks so we created an application for them that pulled in the customers files, created new items where needed, and then created purchase orders to receive the goods against.

Allocate Credit Memo


Updating Item Prices from a Vendor Catalog

This customer received a full price catalog from multiple vendors in Excel files but only wanted to update the process for items he already sold.  We built a solution that has saved multiple customers more than 4 hours a month doing price updates.

Manage Lookup Table


Bill Allocation

This simple utility allows customers to enter a bill once, and apply a standard allocation to different classes so departments get a real-time allocation of expenses.

Exporting Sales Order for Order Fulfillment

One customer had outsourced fullfilment of sales and needed to be able to send an electronic version of new sales orders to their fullfillment vendor. As an alternative to expensive EDI infrastructure, this app looks for new sales order and writes them into simple text files.

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