You love Fishbowl Inventory for the Fishbowl manufacturing tools it has to help you build your products. For very complex, muti-level manufacturing BOM's, one of your pain points may be needing to make sure you have ALL the raw materials to build your final assembly. Fishbowl has a version of this data for a SINGLE BOM record, but they do not have the option to print ALL BOMs in a single report, that is what we have provided.

This tool provides an exportable report with highly summarized cost information for every level of every BOM (bill of materials)

Many call this tool a FLAT BOM report because of its simplified flattened materials list.  Our customers use this for better materials planning.

The major components of the solution are: 

Fishbowl warehouse setup  -  This zip file contains a batch file that installs the “server side” components
                                                   (i.e. it  installs a FREE SQL Express instance to hold your data)
The Fishbowl ODBC driver  -    This is how we are able to communicate with the Fishbowl server
The Desktop Toolkit            -    This provides client portion of the solution where you update the data and request a report

* We also support more complex installations for existing SQL or Azure servers but if installed locally, you should be ready to go after installing the pieces above

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