Reporting Templates for Financial Accounts
Template nameDescription
Groups accounts in a typical financial statement flow with Ordinary Income comprised of Gross profit and expenses etc.
 The automap by category feature will map your accounts by account category making this an easy model to start with
Margin Comparison
Has separate groups to hold revenue and costs for specific product groups so readers can see the gross margin and its components easily
Tax-Schedule C
The 2023 tax lines for a schedule C.  The automap by tax line feature will pull any existing mapping you have establish in your QuickBooks file and map it
The 2023 tax lines for an S Corp return.  The automap by tax line feature will pull any existing mapping you have establish in your QuickBooks file and map it
Like it's name, the simple template has a simple example of how you can group gross profits into business segments and isolate overhead expenses
GeorgiaCouncilArtsThis special reporting hierarchy has all the lines required by the Georgia Commission of the arts in their reporting so that you can just map which of your accounts apply 
This Reporting model offers users the ability to group QB revenue streams into a product margin style report to see what products or services are profitable

A KEY benefit of AHA is to be able to map list data from ANY ODBC data source.
​These are a couple of examples of other things youmight want to pull in

Job Names
This gives you exactly want you need to pull in QQUBE  (VERSION 7) Job names into a hierarchy for grouping in alternative ways
​FinjenniCOAIf you have a Finjenni data source, this pulls in the chart of accounts so you can map them

Reporting Templates for organizations
Template nameDescription
This simple example just creates groups for service companies and products companies to give you just one example of how you might want to group a number of different QQUBE companies.

File Based Data sources

Aha! - Alternate HiErarchy Assistant 

The first step in using AHA! in your reports is to have a reporting model. While you may want to build your own reporting model or may want to import one (that is okay!),  we built a few examples of how you may want to group things to get your mind percolating. 

Reporting Templates available in AHA