Ernest's upcoming presentations:

Venue: Scaling New Heights 2020

Learn from an authority on QuickBooks Desktop data extraction about what you can – and can’t do with regards to custom reporting and analytics. This course is designed for pro advisors who are new to the custom reporting arena, or for those who are experienced but perhaps frustrated with the limitations they encounter. Developers and geeks who are less experienced with accounting will also benefit from this information.

Venue: Scaling New Heights 2020

Designed for the ProAdvisor, this session shows the basic techniques needed to leverage power query to enhance your everyday use of Microsoft Excel. We start with QuickBooks reports and show how to build a repeatable process for transforming the information to a way that you need it.

Venue: Scaling New Heights 2020

QBO has general purpose metrics that can fit a wide market but in this class we show you how to leverage the most popular and dynamic analytics platform available to provide your clients with up to date metrics that matter to them while future-proofing your business. During the session we will start from scratch to build a dashboard that you can immediately use to show meaningful QBO information and then expand on with information from other sources. We will also show how your client’s can expand their team’s online access to QBO data online while maintaining control of the data and end with a peek at how natural language queries will allow for no code self-service business intelligence.

Ernest's most recent presentations:

Tools and Tips for Exporting: Migrate to QB Desktop
Venue: Scaling New Heights 2019 Online

Description: Join Ernest Cook as he and Sara team up to show you not just the theory, but the mechanics of getting QuickBooks desktop data ready for migration to a new platform.

Stretching QuickBooks - Populating Microsoft  Power BI with QB Data

Description  In this webinar hosted by Woodard and Stratos Cloud Alliance,  Ernest presented why Power BI was a great tool to use for QuickBooks professionals and showed multiple ways that Power BI can be used with QuickBooks.

Venue: Woodard webinars

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