Peer Comparisons helps business coaches and group facilitators gather and report financial information using categories chosen by the facilitator.

​Best of all, we do this in a way that your clients do not have to makes changes to their underlying accounting system.

Same Transactions - new story

Aha!  enables you to build new reporting models connected to your existing lists to enable new reporting without impacting your historical data.

Good margins are relative. Help your clients compare !


We have invested the time to bundle all of our experience developing QuickBooks add-on solutions into a single platform that provides not just a solid infrastructure for customizations but a framework for success.  We start new projects with the ability to push or pull a large percentage of QuickBooks data by executing a single request.  Using our framework allows us to give customers a better customized solution at a lower price. Click learn more to see details on some of the many integrations like Power BI, Fishbowl, CounterPoint POS,  eCommerce and others.

Same data, new story ! Change how you look at numbers