​We empower QuickBooks users to have the information they need to effectively run their business by transforming QuickBooks data into actionable information that is always available, always current.


The screen shot shows a chart of accounts that is mapped into a new standard for reporting.  In order to 'map' an account you simply drag the account from the data source over to the rollup definition. Users say this simple paradigm allows them to see at a glance where every account is mapped plus makes it easy to see if an account is not yet mapped. 

Example Use Case : Multi-organization account normalization

Consolidations is but one use case for aha!  In the picture to the right, we are showing how you could build a model to help you keep track of of the details behind your tax return. Sure, you could open up EVERY account in the chart of accounts and assign the lines one by one but that process is long,  cumbersome and the potential for error is high as you drudge thru ​each account.

With the aha! model management tool,  you can create any 4 level hierarchy and include an alternate mapping. You could use it to group together entities with common demographics or perhaps product groups. Once your model is complete, you'll be able to just drag and drop the source fields into your new model

The first problem in comparing organizations or building consolidated financial reports is trying to get to a common standard. Of course you can start with the basic types, cash, current assets etc but being able to group the next level is harder. For example, grouping all the cash accounts by something like operating account vs payroll account vs reserve accounts without updating the bank names is a where the power of aha! shines

Build your own model (hierarchy)

Source Definition - Our QuickBooks connector will give you the ability to map accounts from your local QuickBooks file and the Data source definition tool  (right) allows you to define additional sources that you would like to map.  Any existing ODBC source can be used as a source to be mapped. 

Whether you are an outside consultant trying to help a group of similar businesses compare KBI's or a company that is trying to model multiple companies financials back to a common metric you will love the ability to simple map existing financial transactions into a common standard without ever having to change the underlying source

Map any ODBC Source to your model

Aha! - Alternate Heirarchy Assistant 

Aha! allows you to summarize your financial information in alternative categories by making it easy to map your detailed accounts to a new summary category