​We empower QuickBooks users to have the information they need to effectively run their business by transforming QuickBooks data into actionable information that is always available, always current.


Export to analyze, not report !

Based on our experience working with business owners in the last 30 years we have developed this process for getting you the information you need while recovering the time you r company used to spend rebuilding the report. Get started by scheduling a time to talk.

Among the ​reasons a custom report might be right for you are:​​

  • Custom fields - Quickbooks provides custom fields but they are not always available in reports

  • Non-standard accounting process- Quickbooks demands that for a sale to be reported you have to have an item but that's not always possible.  We'll help you understand how to get detailed sales but still be able to reconcile sales to your income statement. 
  • Need to have information from other systems on report - Quickbooks reporting can't always hold all of the data for complex organizations but we can pull information from lots of places in one simple view.

Always Available, Always current

QuickBooks reports are designed for how Intuit would run a business, not how you run your business and so many owners and Bookkeepers resort to exporting the data and then cobbling together the data inside Excel, over and over again.  We have seen lots of cases where a quick and dirty export to Excel evolved into an hours long process repeated by the one person who knows how to do it week after week.  We work with you to recoup that time by building reports exactly like you want them and make them available to you in on your terms; ALWAYS AVAILABLE, ALWAYS CURRENT.