Example reporting issue -  wanting to report on Partial Payments; no definitive link exists

How we make custom reports

 This example came from the presentation "QuickBooks under the Hood". Above shows the lack of a link in line items prevents some reports, right shows multiple data elements like termination date that are NOT available for any external QuickBooks reporting.

​​We've been data wrangling and building reporting solutions for over 30 years and along the way have molded our own process for building a solution when we are working with someone that needs some information.  Rather than ask you for an exact representation of what you are looking for or ask where the data comes from, our process is highly collaborative because, like Clearify  we have found there are a lot of variables that come into play and our ability to guide you thru this step delivers the best solution, the quickest. 

In discovery, typically we'll use sample data to get a general idea of what data you are looking for. We'll also want to know what you are going to do with the report because that will help us predict what additional data you might also want.  This will help us get a scope of the work we need to do to get you the data you need and help us identify issues that might get in the way (see right image for an example). With contracts out of the way, we will dive deep into your data where we will build a model of the desired information and present you a sampling of that data and look for existing reports to validate our findings.

Once we know we have the right raw information, we apply our artistic skills to build something you will interact with to get your information. This could be a printable tabular report or an interactive report that allows you to graphically see multiple facets at one. Once we have a draft, we will present that to you and work with you to give you the opportunity to make whatever changes in the appearance YOU need for it to be useful. Finally we'll deliver a solution that gives you the information you need so it is
always available, always current.