Work Order Management for Comcast subcontractors
This regional cable installer was using time time entry portion of QuickBooks to track work orders when they called us. Better Idea Group built a new workflow that allowed the company to capture all the same information in a more structured way that allowed them to save data entry time, improve field workers efficiency and improve profitability while maintaining independance from the cable company.
Archco, a leading Human capital firm came to Better Idea Group when a client of theirs needed to control their mileage expenses. Together, Archco and Better Idea Group created a solution that allowed the client to cost effectively route and assign employees while controlling mileage expenses. the solution uses Map Point, a reliable industry tool to calculate the mileage rather than allowing an employee to dictate the number of miles they drove. In the end, the client saved a substantial amount of money and the project paid for itself with less than a months processing costs.
Accounting for the Promotional Funding Agreements
The regional retail store that started this solution was generating more revenue by negotiating contracts with manufactures for promotions. Forced into an adhoc Excel based solution because a lack of functionality in their ERP system, they quickly discovered the need for a more robust solution. Better Idea Group worked with the team to define and create a scalable solution that provides to retail stores accounting departments a solution for managing the evolving requirements of Promotional Funding Agreements.
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
When a worldwide Energy company needed a tool to record their accounting controls for SOX compliance, they turned to the Better Idea Group. BIG worked behind the scenes with participants from members of the compliance team that had been brought in from the BIG 4 accounting firms to create this unique solution. Since arrangements have been made to allow other companies to take advantage of this work, it is Listed on the Microsoft Office Solution Directory

Portfolio of Existing Applications

While not an exhaustive list of all the custom solutions we have brought to market, we hope this gives you an idea of the depth of solutions we can provide. Click here to see some of the many benefits to creating a custom solution for your business.