Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks  Online (QBO) built the product and collect information in a way that will work for nearly every business and of course they provide reports to help you see and summarize your transactions.  Those reports, while useful, do not show everything many business want to see.  A quick search of the online store for QBO shows that other platforms have a been built like Flight , Qvinci  and Fathom but most of offer canned reports and do  not let you customize the measures that matter to you.

​What experience shows is that because many people do not use software exactly as it's designers might have Envisioned ,  the canned reports do not work for them .  Certainly over the years many users have exported QuickBooks information into Excel and started analysis from that point by perhaps moving thru data to generate charts or pivot charts/tables. Typically many iterations are  done. 

 In my page on QB Data Warehouse I talk about QQube which is awesome for being able to get simplified, routine access to the raw data to work thru those iterations and visualizations and that makes lots of tools a viable option. But what about QBO?  Numerous connectors exist for extracting the raw data like Finjinni and Cdata.

A solution we have worked with since about 2015  is a connector for Microsoft's  Power BI.  As of June 2019 it is undergoing a rewrite so I can not suggest any serious use be done with it until they resolve critical issues. is a powerful platform for understanding your QBO (QuickBooks online) data.  

I urge you to try this and if you need some help analyzing your data let us use our experience to help you get the information YOU need with Power BI.

Exploring QuickBooks Online data 

One of the compelling features of connecting your QuickBooks data to Power BI is that you can then ask natural Language questions of your QuickBooks information. The real "magic" of a responsive query is in the design of the underlying data model and reports. Better Idea Group  has experience with this. tool and as Entrepreneurial accountants we know the terms you will expect to ask. In other words, We speak your language!