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Better Idea Group is focused on helping retailers be successful

Our consulting services are designed to manage our customers systems needs so that they can focus on running their store. Area's that we offer help in are

CounterPoint Point of Sale
            purchase and post sales support

Retail Point of Sale Implementation

We can be your complete IT team !

Video Security systems

Inventory Control and management

Integrations with Accounting Systems

Business Intelligence Solutions

Custom solution development or support
Radiant Retail Business partner


The Better Idea Group is a trusted advisor for mid-tier businesses and provides a complete solution for optimizing clients business systems.

We have a hard to find blend of retail systems experience, accounting knowledge, and system development expertise coupled with a common sense approach to managing IT infrastructure.

Information Technology (IT) groups that support mid size companies know all too well that they are asked to provide solutions from installing new desktops to evaluating how a new software application would  solve challenges their company is facing. With technology solutions evolving daily, no one could expect to be up to date on all areas of IT solutions.

The Better Idea Group has a long history of working with mid-size companies to solve complex system issues that propel them to further growth. Our ability partner with in-house or remote infrastructure teams and business partners is appreciated by our customers.

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