Customer Projects

We have a diversified portfolio of project successes. In addition to helping you see some of the area's we have helped before, if you see something that is close to your current needs we can probably leverage the original work at minimal extra cost to provide you  a new solution.

Better Idea Group's core competency is delivering solutions for organizations that are not systems professionals but,  recognize a need to improve their business processes through automation.

 We talk with business leaders about what business needs from the system to run the business; not what the system needs from the business.   Since all systems, manual or automated have pros and cons, we will work with you to find a balance between an automatic system and an automated solution.

We become your outsourced Chief Data Officer and use tools like business process automation and business intelligence to contain costs. This consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and making appropriate use of software applications throughout the organization.  We collaborate with you to determine your measures of success and implement a means to track those measures. 


One of the reasons for bringing us in is that our teammates have undertaken a broad spectrum of development and training options to equip themselves with the tools to ensure that your projects succeed.

Custom Applications

We view systems as an opportunity to help make your business more efficient, accountable, and  profitable. Sometimes that means a custom application to help you differintiate yourself.

Business Systems Consultants

Bench Strength - I have worked to create a network of professionals in different disciplines to call on. I have resources to call for deeper knowledge on various topics as well as  energetic team mates that can reduce project costs..

Is it Time for a Better Idea ?


We  help you understand trends and ideas that are in your data to see  value in the information you have.

We are leveraging PowerBi as well as PowerQuery  natively in Excel 2016  and a download for older versions along with related Excel to provide huge value with tools most people already have.