​We empower QuickBooks users to have the information they need to effectively run their business by transforming QuickBooks data into actionable information that is always available, always current.


In addition to providing us a framework for building solutions fast,  our  Desktop Toolkit allows us to share some of the solutions we have created before for solving integration issues. For example:

  • ​Allowing hundreds of local union shops to report financials in a uniform way while still being able to leverage QuickBooks unique functionality 

  • Exporting Sales Orders for sending to a fulfillment house

  • Automation of expense allocation  among various departments

  • Importing limited information from Fishbowl to increase the lifespan of QuickBooks while maintaining accuracy

  • Allowing hundreds of  Veterinary practices to create an alternate hierarchy for reporting in a uniform way all WITHOUT making any changes to their own QuickBooks file

We are lean six sigma certified (we advocate use of quantitative methods to identify key points of impact {KPI}) so when we consult with a business trying to maximize QuickBooks, we first try to learn what they need to improve and a measure of the success. Tactically, when we are looking for solutions in a workflow issue, we consider existing applications like FishBowlTransaction Pro, QODBC or any of the many applications in the app store for desktop add-ons we have previously delivered. If none of those solutions can be made to work effectively, then we look at our own library and finally we may offer to create a new custom application for your business that interact with QuickBooks desktop.

​Our QuickBooks expertise can benefit your business by:

  • Customizing QuickBooks for the way you run your business;
  • Simplifying the way your employees use QuickBooks;
  • Reducing redundant data entry to save time and money; and
  • Delegating data entry tasks to employees who don't know QuickBooks.

Contact us to learn how we can help you get the most of your QuickBooks investment and meet the unique needs of your operation.

For my friends that are Software Publishers....

Don't get tripped up integrating QuickBooks

Over the years we have been sought out by a large number of companies who have a great solution but need some help integrating into QuickBooks. Bravo if you are one of them !  When we consult with software companies or other enterprises that want their customers to interact with QuickBooks, we can write a blueprint for your implementation , train your staff,  or write a module that can extend your solution to the QuickBooks world.  A few use cases culled from our list of successes:

    - A cloud software publisher needed to be able to feed sales information into QuickBooks. Leveraging our DesktopToolkit we created an integration using web services to allow them to service both QuickBooks Desktop customers.

    - When  a distributor of hardgoods wanted to increase sales at their annual event, they hired us to import orders from their sales order EDI file into QuickBooks to alleviate the friction customers experienced when the ordered new products.

    - A large regional bank wanted to be able to interface with QuickBooks for their banking customers. We provided them with the blueprint for their internally developed application.

   - A company that wanted to be able to provide dashboards with Key Business Indicators to QuickBooks customers turned to us to understand  how to get QuickBooks data.

Service Highlights

Being experts in QuickBooks Desktop development forces us to also know the strengths and weaknesses of QuickBooks at a very deep level so while we do create commercially available applications that interact with QuickBooks, we also maintain an  extensive knowledge of QuickBooks and the ecosphere of products that are already integrated with QuickBooks.  Those QB desktop add-ons solve problems for many different companies in a wide variety of ways.

QuickBooks Consulting for QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP